Wilson the Dalmatian: Victorian Carriage Dog Book Review

In today’s publishing world even authors from large publishers have to do self-promotion to sell more books unless you’re an author like  J.K. Rowling or Nicholas Sparks.  It’s even more crucial for new authors from small presses to market themselves.  What better place to start, (other than family and friends who really have no choice) than with local authors who share your passion for writing?


When I started to seriously consider writing as more than a hobby, the first classes I took were in the local Coloma library from local author Ami Hendrickson.  She has a strong passion for writing and great expertise about everything from the writing process to social marketing.  A published author of many non-fiction books about horses, Ami recently published her first children’s chapter book, Wilson the Dalmatian:  Victorian Carriage Dog.  I offer my honest review of the book below.


Wilson the Dalmatian:  Victorian Carriage Dog is a short chapter book that introduces the reader to Wilson, a carriage dog in the 1840s, whose job it is to protect his wealthy owners and family from highway robbers by riding alongside their fancy carriage to warn of and ward off danger.  Wilson forms a strong bond with Robert and Anne, the children in the family.  When they visit town for the day, Wilson experiences the sights and sounds of the hustle and bustle around him and helps to bring his family safely home again at day’s end.


The reader will fall in love with Wilson.  I did.  The author does a wonderful job capturing Wilson’s loyal character.  We learn not only about the job of a carriage dog during Victorian days but also of his ability to do his job well while still enjoying the life of being a dog.  The pace moves quickly, and the reader roots for Wilson and knows he will uphold his duty well.  While I admit I found myself wanting Wilson to be challenged a bit more, I realize that the author was most likely attempting to introduce the audience to a different kind of “working dog” while giving him a personality at the same time.  She did that well,  both educating and entertaining.  I hope she has a series in mind to teach children about the various uses of dogs historically.


I recommend Wilson the Dalmatian:  Victorian Carriage Dog to history and dog enthusiasts alike.  Children and adults will love learning about Wilson, the unique guard dog of his time.


The book is available for Kindle download on Amazon at this link.  http://www.amazon.com/Wilson-The-Dalmatian-Victorian-ebook/dp/B005V0BCII/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1331818090&sr=8-1


The cost is 99 cents.  Please support a local author and enjoy your dollar well spent.