Book Recommendations: Picture Books to Read During Cold and Flu Season

Yep.  It’s here, and there’s little we can do about it.  We’re right in the middle of cold and flu season.  When you’re a parent or work with children, the germs around you are much less contained.  Need something to do with your sick child at home from school?  Check out these entertaining picture books relating to common illness.


Farm Flu , by Teresa Bateman :  On this unusual farm, a young boy hears “Ka-Choo” from the cow and takes him into his home to pamper him as he knows his mom would do for him.  From the cow to the chickens to the donkey to the pigs, and on and on, all of the farm animals catch the flu.  The young boy plays doctor and fluffs their pillows, brings them snacks, and lets them play games. When he realizes the “Ka-choo’s” have stopped he sends them back to the barn!  The lesson parallels our own families when we, as parents, realize that maybe our kids really aren’t as sick as once thought, and the joys of staying home have been celebrated a little too enthusiastically.


How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? , by Jane Yolen:  Beautifully illustrated by Mark Teague, this book in a wonderful dinosaur series asks a series of questions about how dinosaurs handle being ill with the common cold.  The rhyming text accompanies pictures that show the dinosaurs being irritable and uncooperative.  However, by the end of the book the dinosaurs starts doing what they’re supposed to do to get well.   The children and parents will chuckle at the uncooperative behavior as much of it will seem familiar.  And everyone roots for the dinosaurs when they start behaving properly because soon they will be well, just like your child.