Freelancing Fun: Learn How to Geocache

In addition to blogging and working on my middle grade novel, I have been doing a lot more freelancing recently.  I love it.  In the last two months I’ve interviewed the director of Lory’s Place, a police officer, a private investigator, a lab tech, a gym teacher, a deli owner, and a Whirlpool engineer.  Whew!  Not only am I honing my writing skills, but I am learning a lot, too.  I have a great working relationship with a local editor, so I have been blessed to get many of my pitches accepted.  She is even assigning me stories including a story I just completed on night safety for women.  It really stretched me out of my comfort zone, but I’m really happy with the final product and a little stretching is good every now and then, wouldn’t you say?


My most recent published article is about geocaching.  This world-wide treasure hunting “sport” is a newfound hobby for my family.  We love, love, love it!  Want a surefire plan for making your kids think you are cool?  Then introduce them to geocaching.  They will love it, and learn, without even knowing it!  And even if they figure that part out, they won’t care because they will be having so much fun!


Check out this link to learn more about geocaching.  Thinkspring!