Favorite Tear Jerker Books



When I receive reviews from the readers of my YA novels, I admit that I get giddy when people express that the books made them cry. I mean, like I’m high-fiving with myself and doing backflips down my hallway. Well, maybe I’m being a tad bit melodramatic, but I do like to induce emotion. When that happens, people are connecting with the characters. So, my thought for today is this:  What books have induced you to a fit of emotion so strong you babbled over with enough tears to fill your kitchen sink?  Yes, I have a problem with that melodrama thing again….

For me, there are three books I read in my childhood that I can distinctly remember sobbing through:

1. Where the Red Fern Grows

2. Little Women

3. Bridge to Terabithia


Please share your picks.

BE THE VET, Children’s Book Lets Kids Be the Doctor

Do you like dogs and cats?
Have you ever thought about being a veterinarian?

Place yourself as the narrator in seven unique stories about dogs and cats. When a medical emergency or illness impacts the pet, you will have the opportunity to diagnose the problem and suggest treatment. Following each story is the treatment plan offered by Dr. Ed Blesy, a 16 year practicing veterinarian. You will learn veterinary terms and diagnoses while being entertained with fun, interesting stories.

This is the first book in the BE THE VET series with the second book to follow in spring 2014.

For ages 9-12