What picture books are your favorites based upon the illustrations?

I heard from my wonderful publisher yesterday, Bronze Man Books.  Things are moving forward with my book which is very exciting.  Currently they are on a hunt for the perfect illustrator of “Am I Like My Daddy?”  As the story is in the children’s grief genre, the pictures and words are very important.  This is not a pleasure book, but a book that, hopefully, will give comfort to its readers.


While Bronze Man Books has been wonderful about asking my opinion on things, ultimately the control of choosing the illustrator lies with them.  To many of my friends unfamiliar with publishing, this fact comes as a surprise.  However, this is the norm in children’s publishing.  The publishers choose the illustrator in most cases, not the author.


I started to think about what picture books I have read that are enhanced by the wonderful illustrations.  Here are three good examples.


Goodnight Moon:  The search for the tiny mouse in the pages of this book kept my kids entertained every time it was read.  The words by Margaret Wise Brown are simple and rhythmic, and the illustrations by Clement Hurd are colorful and engaging.


Don’t Take Your Snake for a Stroll:  A humorous tongue-in-cheek book by Karin Ireland about advice for kids on taking their pets (elephant, kangaroo, alligator, etc.) out in public is hilarious, especially as a read aloud.  Yet the pictures by David Catrow really capture the attention of the children.  Who doesn’t break out in laugher when seeing a rather large, wrinkly elephant sitting on the beach sunbathing or a pig playing in a planter at the mall?  There is so much going on in the pictures the book has to be reread to catch it all!


Love You Forever:  Robert Munsch’s lovely book about a mother’s love no matter what her child’s stage in life is one of my favorite picture books ever.  Sheila McGraw’s illustrations simply and clearly show the evolving lives of this young boy into a man.  And the cat in most two page spreads is an added engaging element for kids to find.


What picture books are your favorites based upon the illustrations?


4 thoughts on “What picture books are your favorites based upon the illustrations?

  1. I love the illustrations in Ezra Jack Keats’ “The Snowy Day” and Susan Jeffers’ “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

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