Book Review: The Monster at the End of This Book and Other Picture Book Favorites

Really, this book needs no introduction.  If you don’t remember lovable, furry old Grover from Sesame Street trying with all his might to keep the reader from turning pages and getting to the monster at the end of the book, then you have missed out on a childhood joy.  It’s not too late to check out this book by Jon Stone and Michael Smollin.  I’ve placed a link to the right.  And in case you forget, Grover finds that he is the monster at the end of the book and tries to put the “and you were so scared” blame on the reader.  Brilliant!  The authors have a known character, engage the readers who can’t help but squealing “Turn it!  Turn the page!”, and an ending that makes the reader and Grover smile.

What is a favorite picture book from your childhood, and what makes it so memorable?  Please share!

11 thoughts on “Book Review: The Monster at the End of This Book and Other Picture Book Favorites

  1. My favorite picture book as a child was Eloise by Kay Thompson. It is about a young girl who lives in the Plaza Hotel with her beloved Nanny.The book magically captures the world of a child and the life of imagination. It is now one of Lily’s favorites! I have owned my copy for 20 years and it is tattered and falling apart, all 6 of my kids have enjoyed it!

    • Thanks for sharing. I think they made that book into a movie, too, but most books are far better than the movies. Hmmm…maybe a future blog topic? 😉

  2. I (and my children) LOVED “Monster at the End of This Book.” They never got tired of it.
    My own favorites were “Heidi” and “Black Beauty.” Another was a Little Golden Book titled “A Little Cowboy’s Christmas.” A friend found it for me recently on eBay, and I was so happy to have it again. There was another Little Golden book about a little girl and her sea captain father who brought her a doll from every seaport he’d been in. I can’t remember the title.

    • I love Little Golden Books. I used to read my mom’s from when she was young as well as my own collection. There was one about a little boy named Timmy.

  3. I love anything by Robert Munsch! I remember many picture books as a young child, I really fell on love with them as an adult! We are currently doing an author study at the school I work at, your blog may even give us some ideas.

    • Oh my gosh! I LOVE “I Love You Forever.” I read that over and over to my kids although it was a tad weird when the mom climbed a ladder to her grown son’s house. 😉 Your author study sounds interesting. What are you doing?

      • Once a week the children (preschool through Kindergarten) have the opportunity to connect to a different classroom (there are seven classrooms to chose from). The next two weeks we are focusing on Leo Lionni, each classroom will pick a different book to read and follow it up with a different activity! After Leo Lionni we are doing Robert Munsch ( I love Stephanie’s Pony Tail and Smelly Socks!) after that, who knows??
        I am so happy for you, I love reading about what you are doing!

  4. We LOVE There’s a Monster at the End of This Book!! Great one!!! And so fun to read aloud!! My kids love, love, love the Piggie and Elephant books… There’s a Nest on My Head is a favorite of those!! Right now, we love reading Snowmen at Night!! The list goes on and on… picture books are a family favorite every night!! My youngest have just started enjoying Junie B Jones… she is a hoot! (Though not a picture book!) 🙂

      • Most of the fourth and fifth graders at school did not know what I was talking about with “There’s a Monster at the End of this Book!” I could not believe it. I told them they are never too old to be read to, even a picture book, and I would read it to them sometime! 🙂

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